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When it comes to homeschooling there is more then one method?

My daughter, age 4 practicing her Montessori practical life activities.

Have you ever wondered about the various methods of homeschooling? If so, look no further! Alecia is a fellow homeschooling blogger who is currently running a series called: There’s more than one homeschooling method?

Last week featured a blog written by  Lisa, Kathy and Karen all fellow homeschooling parents and bloggers who talked about the Eclectic approach to homeschooling. This week features a blog about the Montessori approach to homeschooling that I wrote! Click on the link below to read my blog about the Montessori method:


Please check out this great series (see link below) guaranteed to give you a good look at the various methods of homeschooling written by myself and other great homeschooling blogging parents!





A Montessori morning- must watch video

My daughter age 4, in her Montessori classroom.

Most people have heard of Montessori education, but not too many have had the opportunity to be inside a real working Montessori classroom during school hours.

It is truly a unique, inspiring and amazing way of educating children.

Below is a fantastic link to a video that a classmate of mine from Montessori Teachers College made. It shows what a 3 hour work cycle can look like in a Montessori classroom for a 4 year old.