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12 reasons every pregnant woman should consider a midwife

There are still people out there who believe if they use a midwife then they MUST have their baby at home. Not true, my friends. You can have a midwife and deliver your baby in the hospital or at home. Your choice.

During my pregnancies with my first 2 children we were under the care of midwives. It was the most amazing experience for all of us.

My daughter was born via c- section after 32 hours of active labor (she was stuck) and the midwife was in the operating room with me.

My son was born (vbac) naturally and my midwife was there supporting us the entire way.

Weather you are planning a natural birth or have medical complications that call for a c- section your midwife will be there to support you every step of the way.

Here are 12 of the many reasons every pregnant woman should consider a midwife:

1) Having a baby under the care of a midwife is statically safer.

2) Midwives are women. I don’t care how great a male doctor is, he DOES NOT know what it is like to be a woman and to be pregnant

3) You have access to your midwife 24/hours a day, 7 days a week.

4)Midwives will come to your house for the first week after your baby is born so you don’t have to leave the house when you are tired, sore and feeling gross.

5) The regular appointments are 30 minutes to an hour! Each visit. That gives you all the time you need to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your pregnancy.

6) Midwives let the whole family be as involved as you want in the appointments, labor and delivery

7) You have the choice to deliver your baby at home or in hospital. Your baby, your body, your choice.

8) Its free (in Ontario) to have a midwife care for you

9) Frees up doctors time to help sick people

10) Midwives deliver a lot more babies than a doctor does, there for have far more hands on experience

11) A midwife will access all the extra services you may need during your pregnancy and delivery

12) Midwives spend years in university studying only pregnancy, labor, delivery and newborn care. They then complete a long internship in midwifery care. They are the pregnancy and baby experts.

Below are some great links with statistics and information on midwife care. Some include midwife care in a hospital, some home births and some combined.