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How to quiet a squeaky trampoline for under 6 bucks

GetAttachmentMy kids have always had a trampoline. We love it. It is one of the best investments I have ever made for the kids. They never get tired of it. They are on the trampoline every single day.

What I don’t love is the horrible annoying squeaky noise it makes. It drives me crazy and I’m sure my neighbors don’t like hearing it either.

Here is how to quiet a squeaky trampoline for under 6 bucks

1) Buy one can of WD-40

2) Ask someone to jump on the trampoline. This will help to pull the springs apart and wiggle the other squeaky parts

3) Spray the springsĀ GetAttachment (1)





4) Spray where the legs connectGetAttachment (4)




5) Spray where the top ring connectsGetAttachment (3)




6) Spray spacersGetAttachment (2)






It will not be 100% silent at first but its pretty close. The more the kids jump on it they will work the oil in and the quieter it will get. I seemed to notice the biggest improvement when I sprayed the legs and top ring.

Happy jumping šŸ™‚