How we have fun homeschooling

Every child is unique so it makes sense that no 2 home school families are the same.

190531_10150120354033791_4366_nSome children thrive on routine, some do best with free range learning, some children enjoy paper and pencil and others love hands on learning.

In my home school I have the challenge of home-schooling 2 very different special needs children.

It has taken a few years to find a system of guiding them in a way that they both are learning independently, are allowed long periods of uninterrupted play/learning, enjoy what they are working on, 1185307_10151680175188791_2138601274_nhave lots of hands on learning opportunities and allow them the time needed to fully comprehend what they are working on.

In terms of “sit down” academics we use a self guided on-line curriculum. This allows my children to choose the order of their lessons. They have control over what they are working on and that makes learning more enjoyable.

550469_10150891628308791_1509430123_nBoth my children have a learning disability so paper and pencil work is like torture to them. The on-line curriculum is fun, interactive and the least frustrating way for my kids to learn their basic subjects.

I am a big advocate of children learning how to be independent and develop skills that will help them get a job and be independent. Through practical life skills such as baking, basic home repair, gardening and volunteering in the community my children are practising how to take care of themselves in a real hands on way while having fun.1374248_10152563195628791_1227155916881035088_n

Another way we have fun with our home-school is by interacting with children of all ages. This is accomplished through sports, classes, field trips and social meet ups. During these social activities my children develop skills like conflict resolution, how to be a good friend and team player, a positive roll model for the other children and respect for each other in a fun hands on way.

I am a firm believer that a lot of life’s lessons that children learn comes from playing 548137_10150947787508791_723773475_noutside with other kids. I like to make sure my children have long, uninterrupted, unstructured periods of time outside with their friends. These are times where they are not only getting fresh air and exercise but also exploring nature, interacting with their friends, using their imagination and having a blast at the same time.

How do you have fun in your home school?


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